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You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.
2 Cor. 9:11



Sharing the Message of Jesus with indigenous people in Arizona and Mexico


What We Do

Manos de Dios is a about “Transformation, God’s Way!” We are joining with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Mexico and on the Indian Reservations praying this prayer of 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

So, what do we do?

Pray…with and for people. Lucy's favorite quote is "Prayer is not what you do before the work, it is the work!" As we enter areas where Jesus is not worshiped as Lord, we know there is a spiritual battle. We need to be praying, doing battle with the enemy in the spiritual realm Ephesians 6:10), and asking the Lord for His strategy to bring salvation to communities and nations. We are worshiping, prayer walking, and joining with praying groups/churches. Please join us in prayer!

Teach/Disciple…We share the love of Jesus with all we are in relationship with; teach what we have learned and experienced about God and His way of living in group and individual settings. Currently Lucy is a client advocate and parenting class instructor at the Living Hope Center in Whiteriver, Arizona (on the White Mountain Apache Reservation) She also provides pregnancy testing and educates women and girls in all aspects of prenatal, postpartum and infant care. A special class Lucy and co-worker, Naomi, teach is "Released from Shame". Dennis serves as "hands and feet" of God by helping with all types of construction and maintenance activities that enables the Women’s Centers to run more efficiently as they serve the needs of the communities. Dennis mentors others by teaching them other ways of serving God and His children by being an example of a servant and encouraging them to use the gifts they are blessed with to be a servant to others. Dennis also writes articles on scripture, information on the Apache people and ways to walk closer with our Lord.

Serve...We serve others by using the talents and gifts God has blessed us with and encouraging others to do the same whether it is through physical servant hood (building and other manual labor projects) or spreading His good news.

Belief in Education... We identify school-age girls from the Reservation that have a desire to grow in their spiritual walk but also to receive a good scholastic education. With the help of their parent(s) we offer these young ladies a chance to go to a non-denominational Christian school in Tucson and live with host families (similar to a foreign exchange student program). While in Tucson they are provided with a solid foundation of scripture and have daily classes in general studies ad biblical teaching. While in Tucson they are able to learn and study in a safe and stable environment at school and at their host family residences.

Four Apache girls currently attend a Christian School in Tucson....

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About Us

Dennis and Lucy Smith, founders of Manos de Dios, have been married thirty years and have two adult children.

Background, Dennis Smith

I am from a southern family, and was reared in the inner city of Detroit Michigan. I was baptized at the age of 13 but in my mid teens fell away from the Lord. Eight years working as a Detroit Police Officer only pushed me further away from Jesus.

I moved to Tucson in the late 70's and was still walking far from Jesus. In the mid 1980's I met Lucy, got married and returned to the Lord with Lucy's encouragement. As we fell more in love with Jesus we felt a strong calling to be His hands and feet in areas where there is much poverty, both spiritually and physically.

In 2002 we were called by the Holy Spirit to serve in Mexico and we responded. From 2002 to 2006 we spent time balancing the running of our business and doing mission work. In 2006 we felt the calling to sell our business and to serve full time in Mexico and again we responded to that call. In 2011 the Holy Spirit called us to change direction a little and to focus on reaching out to His children and adults in Arizona on the Indian reservations. Since that time the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to continue to grow in my walk with Him and to meet and to fellowship with His Apache children on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation.

With the help of the Holy Spirit I will continue to serve Jesus faithfully and go in any direction I am sent without complaint. I know there will be challenges, but none that Jesus and I can't overcome.

Background, Lucy Smith

I was raised in a wonderful Christian family in Tucson, Arizona. My family has always loved Mexico and I remember traveling in Mexico with my grandfather and parents when I was a young girl. I gave my life to Jesus in Jr. High School. I married at age 20 and had one daughter, Megan, in 1983. While going through an ugly divorce, I appreciated my parent's unconditional love and acceptance. They have always been a model of walking in faith with the Lord.

Dennis and I met when I was teaching his IBM aerobics class. We fell in love and because he loved God and Megan...we were married in 1986. IBM moved us around the country and we finally landed in Prescott, AZ and started our own business there. After a few years, my mom and dad needed help as my mom's health was declining and we moved home to Tucson. After searching for many years for a church home, we found Pantano Christian Church. I re-dedicated my life to total service to my Lord and was baptized by immersion at Pantano Church September 27, 2003. We found our calling in mission work in Mexico and were mentored by those in Pantano Church that had hearts for the mission field.

We began serving in full time ministry in Sonora, Mexico. I love the people of Mexico. I love their language and find them to be very beautiful people. I count my friends in Sonora, Mexico as some of my closest sisters and brothers in Christ. It is a difficult time to live in Mexico. The poverty and violence add to the oppression of the government, making it very challenging to survive and thrive. Jesus is the hope that all need and is the answer that so many are looking for in Mexico (and around the world!).

In 2011 Dennis and I felt the Lord leading us to reach out to people in our own country and state. We were led to make contacts on the Apache and Navajo Indian Reservations of northern Arizona. We are using what we have learned from our work in Mexico to reach The First Americans with Jesus' love and Good News.

“The best thing we can offer the poor is their identity in Christ.” Manos de Dios is living this out by building relationships, encouraging, and praying with and for the precious people of Mexico and the Indian Reservations. Prayer is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our ministry. As things get more difficult, we turn more and more to God. He is the only Light, the only Hope. Another of my favorite quotes is “Prayer is not what we do before the work, it is the work” (Rhonda Haughey, author of "Desperate for His Presence").

As a couple ...

We are a great example of “opposites attract”. God is showing us how to use the very different gifts and talents we have to serve Him and to work in unity! Dennis has the gifts of serving and exhortation. He is very compassionate and great with children. He also has the gift of teaching. Dennis has the opportunity to continue to serve God and His children by working with my hands doing building and repair projects at the Living Hope Centers in Whiteriver, Springerville and Show Low, Arizona. He also has the opportunity to occasionally give a message at Calvary Church in Springerville and at the men’s bible study/lunch at the White Mountain Apache Christian Church on the reservation in Whiteriver. Many of our physical and spiritual activities overlap and we are both able to assist and support each other.

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10


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Manos de Dios, Christian Missionary Work in Arizona and Mexico
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