Why do many Christians seem to lack something in their lives?

If you look around the sanctuary during worship service you will see a mixture of people actually smiling and seem to be happy singing praises to the Lord while others look as though they are in a dentist chair. What is stealing their joy?  Or if you look closely you can notice that many of … Continue reading Why do many Christians seem to lack something in their lives?

The mixing of religion and politics

BOMBSHELL: “Justice Democrats” Founder is THE Organizer of Evangelical Social Justice Movement. The above article is long but full of information that most Christians do not know or understand. However, I consider it an important read. We, Christians, need to open our eyes to what is going on in our cultural/political life that seriously … Continue reading The mixing of religion and politics

If it’s about saving lives;

  There were 71 murders 361 shootings in June of 2019 in Chicago, did that make headlines? Did politicians cry out for justice, want more gun restrictions in Chicago, or make a political statement concerning the snuffed out lives? You know the answer. Article; A Native American perspective on gun violence; TRIBE Security Service  August 6, … Continue reading If it’s about saving lives;


SOCIETIES ILLS  Our world is changing as is the culture, norms, styles and even in the way we worship and who is included.  I am sad to see that many of the changes are not for the better. The negative changes are corrupting our children, our church, the health and mental and physical safety of … Continue reading SOCIETIES ILLS


FYI, A few weeks ago I posted an article concerning the growing idea of reparations and it's the effect on society. The idea is more than a discussion! Below are excerpts from an article concerning reparations. The Atlantic; The First Reparations Attempt at an American College Comes From Its Students 4/19/19.  Read the entire article at: "When sordid revelations … Continue reading REPARATIONS UPDATE