Truth does matter


I am going to vent so if you don’t want to read what I am venting about you may as well delete this article now. I just have a need to vent concerning truth.

Here it goes. I am so tired of hearing and reading about people, both supposedly Christians, and secular, judging, choosing sides, making and stating opinions, stating guilt or innocence, deciding what is right and wrong, and protesting for or against something (and the list could go on) based solely on their feelings, emotions, desires, likes and dislikes. These characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with truth and determining what is truth.

I personally know there is truth, both spiritually and secularly.  During my life, I have promoted it, fought for it, believed in it, ignored it, lied about it, tried to twist it, made it look good when it was not, and refused to believe it. I also know the difference between what I want to be true and what actually is true except in the grey areas and then I call that a matter of opinion.

I hit the tipping point as I watched the circus unfold on national TV concerning the Kavanaugh/Ford debacle. “I believe her, she was so convincing/ what did she have to gain by opening up and coming forward?/ she must be believed because women in the past have not been believed/ you could see her true emotions coming out/ after listening to her I know he is guilty” and on and on. And “he was so convincing/ he showed so much emotion and I could feel his pain/ the cards were stacked against him/ he was believable” and on and on.

To me, as a former police officer, listening to all of this from everyone involved (and many who were not) it was sickening. I just kept talking to the people on the TV (and my poor wife had to sit and listen to me give advice) saying “TRUTH” “why aren’t you asking for and demanding the TRUTH?/ why aren’t you stating that all you want is the TRUTH?/ why aren’t you asking questions that will filter out the TRUTH instead of asking ‘how do you feel’ or ‘was it difficult for you to be here and testify’ and other questions regarding feelings, emotions, and beliefs?

It seemed that the truth did not matter and what was important was playing on the emotions and feelings of the people in the room and around the world as they watched. My truth tells me it was a sad day for our nation, our political system and the people running it. Facts and truth were irrelevant when they should have been the only thing that mattered. I pray I was not the only one who was frustrated in the lack of discovering what the truth was and what the facts were.

It may come as a shock to hear but, some women lie, are deceptive, ruthless, want paybacks, are willing to sacrifice to get even for the greater good JUST LIKE SOME MEN!

As a former police officer, I was taught that truth and facts were all that mattered. I (we)  HAD to put aside emotions, feelings, and personal preferences when doing our job. In court, when you were asked questions and were testifying truth and facts was all that mattered. Sometimes you could give an opinion but that was all it was, an opinion and everyone knew that. Viewing this circus made me wonder (again) if truth and facts had any place in our political system. I am also amazed how far from the truth in scripture some of our pastors and fellow believers have fallen away (as scripture states they will).

I have never been to law school but as a police officer, I did have training in the knowledge of city, state and federal laws and how to ask and answer questions to get at the facts both on the street and in court. With that said I think I could have done a good job (as many other police officers could have done) by asking questions of both parties that would draw out the facts that MATTERED in this situation. That was not done. Instead, the questions asked were of the sensational, emotional, opinionated vein that would obtain the goals of the person asking them.

Christians (true Christians) involved in this mess should have stood out among the crowd and been the light that everyone could see even if they did not want to. Sadly, many times this did not happen. I hope that now this circus is over, we Christians that were vocal and had opinions, can step back and reflect on how we acted, reacted, and voiced our opinions and then learn from the mistakes (sins) we made. And we would go to Jesus, ask for forgiveness for the dim light we showed the world and ask the Holy Spirit to help keep us from repeating those sins that we thought were righteous anger but were not.

And in the future we would follow what James said in James 1:19-20, My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.



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