Our world is changing as is the culture, norms, styles and even in the way we worship and who is included.  I am sad to see that many of the changes are not for the better. The negative changes are corrupting our children, our church, the health and mental and physical safety of people.

I will bring up the question of “just because we can do something does it mean we should?”  If scientists can create people, should they? Do we want to do something that we have no idea of the consequences the future holds of our actions? Do we really want to live in a society where everything goes? If we do, then who is to decide when “everything goes” goes too far?  It seems that when there is a lack of order, low moral character, no social unity, and a culture of selfishness there is chaos. I see the world heading to that direction more and more as time goes by.

Scripture states all this chaos and more will happen and it is. Scripture also says we can’t stop it but it does not tell us to stand by and let it happen without a fight. And that is where we fall short because many of us are not fighting back and standing up for our faith, our church, and the world around us.

The rest of this article is focused on exposing the ways we are slipping into depravity and not just in the United States. This is just a small sample. Warning; read at your own risk – information may be very disheartening (and so are some of the pictures)!

 TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA,  Wednesday, June 5, 2019

 MEXICOGender-specific uniforms in public schools to be banned in Mexico City, Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announced yesterday. Boys and girls will now be able to choose between pants and skirts as their daily school uniform without facing any repercussions. The decision has created a stir on social media and among civil society groups, where opponents have been quick to criticize the “imposition of gender ideology” on the Mexican youth. Sheinbaum said the decision was made in order to “promote equality of rights” among students.


High School Hosts Drag Show during School Hours As part of an all-day event honoring LGBTQ+ issues, a southeastern Pennsylvania high school hosted a drag show in its hallways during school hours.


4 Year Old Boy Has “Gender Dysphoria,” Should dress Like Girl, Judge Rules. Michael Contributor | Wednesday, May 15, 2019


North Carolina Will Vote June 5 to Override Gov. Cooper’s Veto of Bill to Stop Infanticide.   MICAIAH BILGER   MAY 31, 2019   |   7:03PM    CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA


June 4, 2019,  “Pastor,” Says Protesting Abortion is “Childish”One pastor (a female) in the United Church of Christ declares that fighting abortion is childish, and attempts to make a case for supporting abortion.

One of her comments; Then she goes on to make the case that abortion is necessary because “children will suffer” if women can’t kill them first. Therefore, “Christian values,” says we should kill them.”


There is an Adult-Induced Perversion of Children Sweeping the Land, ‘Drag Kids’ by Marsha West

The Canadian Press recently reported that the documentary “Drag Kids” had made its “debut at the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival” and you can be assured it’ll make its way to film screens across America.

In their reporting, it was stated: Welcome to the world of drag kids, a burgeoning scene of wig-loving, sequin-covered, pint-sized showboats with all the gender-pushing attitude and sass of their adult counterparts.


Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools.   Watch the video;


Ten Plagues of California Are Turning The Golden State into a Third-World Hell. BY STEPHEN GREEN JUNE 3, 2019

Blackouts, typhus, poop, an army of homeless, wildfires, contaminated syringes, garbage, rats, fleas, and Progressive government — these are the Plagues of California. I’d ask the last person to leave California to please turn off the lights, but they’ll have gone dark long ago.


Converse Launches LGBTQ Shoe Line Featuring Child Drag Queen. By Amanda Prestigiacomo.


Gay Christian Event Planned with Mark Devers Capitol Hill Baptist Church.BY NEWS DIVISION · PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 · UPDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 2018.


The Gay Christian Ministry Changing the Face of the Evangelical Church. Posted by JeffMaples, 3/25/19.


Gay Priest at Ravi Zacharias Event: Jesus Had Dysphoria, Body Issues. BY NEWS DIVISION · PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 16, 2019 · UPDATED FEBRUARY 16, 2019.


And the above is not the worst of it!     Pray, pray, pray.


Dennis,  06/08/2019


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