The mixing of religion and politics

BOMBSHELL: “Justice Democrats” Founder is THE Organizer of Evangelical Social Justice Movement.

The above article is long but full of information that most Christians do not know or understand. However, I consider it an important read. We, Christians, need to open our eyes to what is going on in our cultural/political life that seriously affects our Christian life and our future. Scriptures tell us to “test everything, hold on to what is good and resist evil.” We should also carry over that principal into our secular life.  

The article covers the following organizations and movements that Christians should be informed of. Such as; the Social Justice Movement (which many churches are involved in and place it as a priority), Liberation Theology, Black Liberation Theology, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 9 Marks, Together for the Gospel, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and The Gospel Coalition. It shows how some of these organizations are driven by a game plan orchestrated by a man named Zack Exley, and the purpose is to keep evangelicals from voting Republican in the upcoming 2020 election cycle. It also covers the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Social Gospel. The article shows how these ideas – Liberation Theology, Black Liberation Theology, Social Justice, and Social Gospel – were 19th and 20th Century attempts to Christianize Marxism.

It explains how although economic Marxism failed in the West because high income and class mobility thwarts class envy, a division could still be possible by separating people into identity groups like race, sexual minorities, and victimhood status. Undoing the work of the American Civil Rights Movement, Critical Race Theorists sought to divide rather than unite society in order to overthrow the established social order, which was the heart of Marxist philosophy.

Finally, the article reveals who is behind these organizations and where the money is coming from. 

Many argue that politics and religion do not and should not mix. After reading this article and viewing the videos you will learn that like it or not, they do mix and in my opinion not for the better.

Included in this article is a video of an interview with OAC and how she was selected to run for office out of a group of people and that she was coached on how and what to do. View at;   

If you are not familiar with the people and organizations mentioned, you will be in the future because I think it is a good possibility they will have power and control in the future.

From what I read in scripture the things that are happening in this article and the falling away from the commands of Jesus, the watering down of our faith, evil people taking control, and some Christians being lead away like sheep from His truth is going to happen and is happening.

Jesus, protect your faithful.

Dennis, 07/29/2019

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