Now the elections are over

Now that the elections are over (maybe) and at least some of the hysteria is slowing down we just may have a chance to reflect on what happened in our society in the past months.

Now should be a time when we (especially Christians) step back, review what we said, thought and how we acted during this election season. If we are honest with ourselves many of us should feel ashamed, saddened, depressed, regretful, or happy with our actions and comments that were expressed. If we need to repent, we should do it immediately. If you acted appropriately and you comments would be approved by Jesus, remember not to get prideful.

It seems that technology, mass media and social media has enticed many of us to become experts in things we know nothing about. Many express views as if they knew the subject they were giving advice on when they really knew very little about the subject.

Prople were telling the police how to act and what they should have done even though they were not a police officer and had no real knowledge of how the police department works. Then we have people fixing the economy that are not economist, others telling how to fix the Covid problem that are not doctors or scientists, and giving inaccurate advice on how to fix the government when they do not even know how the government works, and on and on.

And we can’t exclude the religious aspects of all this chaos. We have some people saying that they are “good Catholics and Protestants” while they believe in murdering babies in the womb up to nine months even though Scripture tells us differently. We had pastors telling us who to vote for and what policies were best that contradicted each other when they should have been sticking to what they were called to do, teach and preach the gospel and sheppard their sheep. There were protesters that were sometimes violent, abusive, and used foul language all the while claiming to be Christians. And lastly we have some Christians that are unforgiving, resentful, and are looking for revenge. All things contrary to what Jesus would like us to do and be.

What a mess. And I think it is sad that some of us have sunk so low and became citizens of this world instead of being citizens of the Kingdom of God like we are called to be. I pray that we never stoop this low again!

In the future let us not forget that we are children of our Lord (John 3:1), called to be the light of the world (Mt. 14:16) and to let our good works to be seen and glorify God (Mt. 5:16) as an example to others. 

Blessings,  Dennis


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