I wonder how many people are actually “steadfast” or really know what it means to be “steadfast”? It seems that people have become so busy doing their own thing, or things that will get them ahead. Or having to work very hard to pay for all the things they have acquired so they can enjoy the good life but they can’t enjoy the good life because they are to busy working to pay for it.

I also was wondering what areas we need to be steadfast in. I think my list would include steadfast in loving and providing for my family, loyalty to my country, obeying the laws, having high moral character and most importantly steadfast in my faith in God. As for myself, I strive to be steadfast in these areas but I feel at this moment in time the most important one is to be steadfast in my faith. I have a number of friends but I can’t really determine what many are steadfast about.

However, there is one person that I know who was steadfast in the areas of his life that were important and he stood firm, in a kind and loving way, for his convictions. He loved the Lord and would stand up for God’s Word even to the point that caused friction with some of his relatives and caused him to leave the church he attended for many decades. He would not waiver to the whims and watered down scripture some pastors want us to believe. He was a patriot and loved the United States and what it use to stand for. He was steadfast in obeying the law, loving and honoring his family and friends, maintaining a high moral character, helping those in need, had integrity, and was full of compassion. One of the reasons I think he was like that is because he was from a time, long ago, when things were very different than today. And no, I am not saying people and life were perfect but good did have a strong foothold in society and the minds of many people. People appreciated what they had, worked hard, had higher moral standards, and had a sense of morality that is not prevalent today. 

The person I am talking about is my father-in-law. He went to be with the Lord four weeks ago while his daughter and I were at his side. During his 94 years, John’s life and principles affected many people in a positive way that we did not even know of until his passing. The condolences my wife received from his friends included comments such as, John was a kind and loving man to everyone, his honesty, and high moral character influenced me in a positive way, considerate and kind people like John are few and he will be missed.

I know all these positive comments are true because I witnessed them being his son-in-law for 34 years. And yes, he was a role model to me and I can truly say we had a wonderful and loving relationship for those 34 years and the last 11 while he lived with my wife and me. That is a statement not many sons-in-law can honestly say!

Consider the word and meaning of steadfast and ponder what areas you are steadfast in, if any. My next article will be on being steadfast in our faith.


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