Things to Ponder

How do you measure up?

The waters of society are so muddied today many people are confused, undecided, torn between feelings and what truth is and just sit on the fence numbed. Included in that group are many Christ followers. Scripture tells us to make a stand, a decision, and do not be warm or cold, and choose one or the other for the time is near. With that in mind I am posting some of the quotes and thoughts I gleaned from a variety of sources. The reason I am sharing them is because when read, they made me stop and consider what they actually meant and how they applied to me, the church as I see it today and helped me to open my eyes. As you read them see if they have any affect on you or your perspective as to what is taking place in your life and if and how you should change.

There must be unity in the life and the purpose of the church for it to be effective. Do you promote unity or dissent in your church?

It seems that when the church was most holy it was when Christians had fewer distractions.  Are there distractions in your church that hinder your worship?

Christians are losing the battle for moral purity. Why? Because some (Christians) are lowering the moral standards to accommodate the standards set by society. Have you lowered your moral standards to meet those of today’s society?

Pastors should preach sound doctrine, and not rely on opinions, and entertainment to keep people in their seats. Do you object to or accept opinions and entertainment if they have that have invaded your church services?

To be obedient is better than to offer a sacrifice (Samuel 15:22). Are you more obedient or do you mostly sacrifice for the Lord?

With all the books that are written, by a myriad of experts, about how to solve the variety of problems we have with our lives, children, marriages, and different types of addictions within the church, why are those problems still haunting us? Do you turn to self-help books or God to help you when struggling?

The closer you get to the Lord, the easier it should be to recognize your own sins. Is that true in your life?

Many American churches seem to put glory to God second and their focus on humanity first! If that is the standard of your church, do you accept it?

Man does not glorify his work; The work should glorify the man. Agre?

If a man is unwilling to pay the price of fatigue for his leadership, it will always be mediocre. J. Oswald Sanders. Do you welcome the fatigue or bomb out when you get tired?

Does your life speak so loud others can’t hear what you say? Do what people see in your life match what you profess to believe?

If we know scripture we will know how God feels about things. How well do you know scripture and how God feels about things?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21. Is God happy with what you treasure in your heart?

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