The mixing of religion and politics

BOMBSHELL: “Justice Democrats” Founder is THE Organizer of Evangelical Social Justice Movement. The above article is long but full of information that most Christians do not know or understand. However, I consider it an important read. We, Christians, need to open our eyes to what is going on in our cultural/political life that seriously … Continue reading The mixing of religion and politics

If it’s about saving lives;

  There were 71 murders 361 shootings in June of 2019 in Chicago, did that make headlines? Did politicians cry out for justice, want more gun restrictions in Chicago, or make a political statement concerning the snuffed out lives? You know the answer. Article; A Native American perspective on gun violence; TRIBE Security Service  August 6, … Continue reading If it’s about saving lives;


SOCIETIES ILLS  Our world is changing as is the culture, norms, styles and even in the way we worship and who is included.  I am sad to see that many of the changes are not for the better. The negative changes are corrupting our children, our church, the health and mental and physical safety of … Continue reading SOCIETIES ILLS


FYI, A few weeks ago I posted an article concerning the growing idea of reparations and it's the effect on society. The idea is more than a discussion! Below are excerpts from an article concerning reparations. The Atlantic; The First Reparations Attempt at an American College Comes From Its Students 4/19/19.  Read the entire article at: "When sordid revelations … Continue reading REPARATIONS UPDATE

Social Justice and Reparations

I don’t think that religion and politics should mix; however, our religion can and should guide us as to how we make decisions as to what is going on in politics. This seems to be especially true when it comes to the subject of giving financial reparations to the relatives of slaves in the United … Continue reading Social Justice and Reparations

Addition to New Testament Church article

One of my readers brought up a great question concerning new believers being brought into the church gatherings during the birth and infancy of the church after Pentecost. The question brings up serious points of the early church organization that affected the people at that time. If we compare modern times to first century gatherings, … Continue reading Addition to New Testament Church article

What happened to His truth

What is happening to His truth? Part 1 The more I read and study our enemy the more all this mess that is going on in the world makes sense to me. That is, scripture explains and gives in detail the when, why and how come of all the dysfunction and sin that is permeating … Continue reading What happened to His truth