I’ll be around

I’ll (Jesus) will be around

I don’t know what all these thoughts are all about but when the Holy Spirit puts something on my heart I better respond even if I don’t understand, I just need to trust.

Sunday night I took two gummy chews that help me sleep (my back problems are acting up again) and went to bed at 10:00pm. Woke up at 12:10am, 2:20am, and then at 4:00am. At 4:15 decided to get up and do something. Searched the news on the computer (depressing) and then about 5:30 decided to work on a project article on the history of our mission activities for “Manos de Dios” for the past 20+ years. So much for a good night’s sleep.”

Having degenerative disc disease in my back for the 20+ years, numerous surgeries, and lastly a temporary electronic stimulator implanted in my spine for testing purposes, then implanted permanently, nine months later removed because my body rejected it, then six months later had to have my sided opened up, where the battery had been implanted to make sure they did not leave anything where the battery was because it felt like it was still there – and it hurt!

Needless to say, a good night’s sleep and pain free days usually escapes me. However, I am not complaining. I am blessed by the Lord. I still can stand upright, most of the time but the discomfort slows me down a little, still no complaints.  God has blessed me with a great attitude (I do slip sometime though), and He is with me and blessing me constantly. I give Him all the praise and glory for all that is good in my life and I take responsibility for all the sin and hardships in my life because it is caused by me and my backsliding.

Now for today and what this is all about. Last night (Monday night) I decided to take two Benadryl for my allergies, they usually help me sleep, but not last night. Bed at 10:00pm, awake at 12:50am, 2:10am, and 4:40am. In-between naps I kept waking up and had a constant thought on my mind. I was supposed to be ready, alert, aware for something to happen and vigilant. Nothing scary or depressing, just be ready. Then, during my nap between 4:40am and 5:15am I had another dream. I woke up singing “I’ll Be There” a 1973 song by the Spinners which is one of my favorites. What’s up with this?

Putting this song with the thoughts of being ready, alert and vigilant I decided to get up and put these thoughts to words not just for my benefit but possibly someone else my need to hear them. 

How does this song relate to God? He can, and does, speak to us in many ways. If you forgot, He spoke through a donkey one time so I believe He can speak to me through a song. As listening to the song (about four times) on YouTube I believe it is appositive song that speaks to all of us if we will listen to understand instead of listening to debunk or not relate.

In the song I can hear God reminding me that through all the times in my past that I ignored Him, blamed Him, criticized Him, and wallowed in my unbelief He was still there. All through scripture we are reminded that He is there, guiding, helping, trying to keep us safe from our sins and bad choices, offering forgiveness, undeserved grace, and so much more. He is even more than the song states. The song reminds us that the singer “will be around whenever you call.” God tells us He will always be around. He is reminding us that His love is the last episode, you (we) made the choice to bow out (reject Him) if we choose because we hold the key. However, whenever you return and call me (God), I’ll be there, whenever you want Me I’ll be there, whenever you need Me I’ll be there, I’ll be around. Just like in the song God constantly reminds that until the very end He will be there. And lastly, the song, and God, tells us that there’s always a chance that a spark of love remains and love (a return to Him) can burn once again (repentance and salvation).

Don’t know if this awareness is for me or someone else to ponder but I am not going to ignore it. I am going to open and ready for whatever the Holy Spirit has in store for me.

Forgive the errors in punctuation, parentheses, and commas. I am not fully awake but had a feeling I needed to get this out. No time for Lucy to edit. 

Blessings, D

Check it out the song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOLQNv_BfD0 I’ll Be Around

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