15 Reasons Younger Generations Are Losing Faith in Religion

Some of the remarks I can understand and agree with because they are true. However, it is sad that people like these surveyed do not know the real story in the Bible, the true Jesus and what He stood for, reasons behind the strange and sometimes violent occurrences that are mentioned in scripture. That the church is supposed to reflect the teachings of Jesus all while being attended and run by people – humans that are subject to all sorts of sin and all the above mentioned shortcomings. And, as scripture makes it clear (but only to those that know scripture) that the unrepentant people that are mentioned above are a disappointment to God and will not inherit the salvation He offers.

I pray that as you read the attached article you will take the comments made seriously because we Christians are the light that is seen, both positive and negative, by everyone, most importantly the unbelievers. And that you take an inventory of your faith, actions, responses, and if you represent Jesus in a manner He would approve of. In the areas where the answer is no, make corrections, repent, and make sure you become/return to be the child of God you claim to be.

15 Reasons Younger Generations Are Losing Faith in Religion

April 21, 2023 by Amanda Wrigh

Recent studies have shown that more than half of the GenZ population (born after 1996) isn’t interested in organized religion. Reddit users didn’t hold back when asked, ‘Why are Gen Z moving away from religion?’  See below.

THEY’RE NOT BEING RAISED WITH IT “I’m an old millennial, and it’s getting rarer to meet people my age who are religious. Many of us in this age group were raised religious but have left it long ago because it wasn’t for us.”

“My kids are Gen-A, and they’re being raised with zero religion. They’re aware of it, but they can see how nonsensical it is to believe in a ghost in the sky who has rules they must obey.”

IT’S UNNECESSARY “When humans started to establish societies thousands of years ago, religions were useful tools to establish the rules needed to live together in peace.”

“But now that our societies have been established for thousands of years, and those rules have been universally accepted and are so deeply ingrained in our culture, religion really is unnecessary, yeah.”

THEY’RE BETTER EDUCATION “If you have close to zero education, religious explanations are pretty much the most plausible thing for otherworldly/seemingly random things like lightning, weather, illness, etc.”

“I’m pretty sure most of us here would’ve been religious if we lived a thousand years ago.”

IT’S POLITICS WITH A MASK ON “Religion has always been politics. Since politics can force their thoughts without the need of preaching in any form of mass belief called religion it faded”

“They now do it through media and ads. With the first sign of a mass disaster, a form of religion and oppression will arise to keep people in line.”

RELIGION IS PERSONAL “It really should be left up to the individual. No one else needs to know your faith. It’s your faith. Hell, I’m pretty sure the Bible was against churches in the first place.”

“I like to believe there’s more after this simply so I can believe I’ll see my mom again. I know I won’t, but it’s easier to think I will than I won’t.”

THEY’RE JUST NOT BUYING IT “I watched and read enough sci-fi to think that both simulation theory and technology that might warp reality to a degree indistinguishable from God is plausible.”


 “Historically, religion has been used as a tool of oppression and class division so widely that it seems like a no-brainer.”

IT’S NARROW-MINDED “We’re finally learning to have our own opinions on beliefs rather than follow the norm, although the norm now is pretty much agnostic or atheist.”

“Now we need to work on removing those in power still trying to force religion on us.”

IT’S TOXIC & DANGEROUS “The current problem lies precisely with unorganized religion. The MAGA types and evangelicals and pro-gun/anti-abortion crowd do not follow any defined religious tradition.”

“For them, religion (specifically Christianity) is a catch-all for their childhood culture that they see slipping away and which they feel justified in maintaining with any means including violence.”


 “Every church I’ve been to has been filled with backstabbing, gossipy, superficial asshats. I also have severe ADHD. Church was a nightmare. Ended up reading the entire Bible. What a crock.”

IT ENCOURAGES VIOLENCE “Christians have a history of mass genocide, the Crusades, and some of our darkest moments in American history have been because of the involvement of religion, dating back to the Salem Witch Trials.”


 “Honestly, a big part of why so many bigots are trying to pass laws enforcing their religious beliefs on everyone. They’re afraid of losing the control they’ve had on this country and have a death grip around society and refuse to let go.”

IT’S BACKWARDS “Wait, you mean calling everyone names and constantly hating on everybody and making them feel bad and saying they will suffer and be banished from the family for being themselves…..ISN’T POPULAR?!?”

THEY SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS “The reason we’re moving away from organized religion is because we’ve grown up seeing how people within religious groups behave…”

“Because religion is just a heaping crock.” – One Zoomer Reddit user succinctly said.

IT’S RESTRICTIVE “Most of the people I grew up with and my peers were raised religious (Christianity for context) and have religious parents, but are all either atheists/agnostics or still believe in God, but have fallen away from the church due to how restrictive the lifestyle is and how prejudiced and hypocritical the other church members can be.”

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